Street Survival Race 1 Results

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Street Survival Race 1 Results

Post  gonzosti on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:12 am

Racer/Ride/Class/Run 1/Run 2/Run 3/Run 4

Asfaha Pierson/90 Mazda MX5/RWD Street Prepared/43.712/43.419/43.288/43.212

Darrel Cabrera/07 Subaru Impreza/AWD Stock/45.835/45.876/45.570/46.473

Domingo Cabuhat/03 Mitsubishi Lancer/FWD Stock/46.118/45.843/45.546/46.022

Edd Lacuata/06 Subaru STI/AWD Street Prepared/41.334/40.957/41.799/40.831

Eddie Acosta/07 Mitsubishi Eclipse/FWD Stock/44.256/44.675/43.254/43.264

Eric Manalo/95 Nissan 240SX/RWD Street Modified/41.144/40.568/40.757/40.120

Jay Sevilla/04 Subaru STI/AWD Street Modified/40.148/40.200/39.735/40.151

Joel Yoshi Goliat/90 Nissan 240SX/RWD Street Modified/44.911/46.239/46.857/46.920

John Ware/08 Mazda Speed Axela/FWD Stock/45.043/44.073/44.072/43.052

Kevin Hsu/08 Subaru Impreza/AWD Stock/47.439/44.853/45.934/44.735

Mario Spencer/06 Mitsubishi Evo/AWD Street Modified/42.272/41.920/41.784/42.500

Michael Marriot/90 Mazda Miata/RWD Street Prepared/47.432/45.681/45.716/57.137

Raymond Paulino/07 Nissan 350Z/RWD Street Modified/41.197/40.965/49.846 40.527

Scott Wade/07 Subaru STI/AWD Street Prepared/41.384/41.328/41.176/41.561

Somchay Estrellado/05 Mazda RX8/RWD Street Prepared/44.260/43.523/44.704/44.437

Fastest Time of the Day / Jay Sevilla / 04 Subaru STI / 39.735
Fastest Run Per Class
FWD Stock John Ware / 08 Mazda Speed Axela / 43.052
FWD Street Prepared / No Entries
FWD Street Modified / No Entries
RWD Stock / No Entries
RWD Street Prepared / Asfaha Pierson / 90 Mazda MX5 / 43.212
RWD Street Modified / Eric Manalo / 95 Nissan 240SX / 40.120
AWD Stock Kevin Hsu / 08 Subaru Impreza / 44.735
AWD Street Prepared / Edd Lacuata / 06 Subaru STI / 40.957
AWD Street Modified / Jay Sevilla / 04 Subaru STI / 39.735

It was great fun and we hope to see more participation at the upcoming events! Thanks to all the clubs, teams and individuals that made the event a successful one!
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Re: Street Survival Race 1 Results

Post  07GDJ25 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:12 am

Really busy but if you didn't make it you missed out. I'll post more later. For those that made it put in your 50 cents. What a blast Very Happy

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