QuarterCross Race Results

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QuarterCross Race Results

Post  gonzosti on Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:39 pm

Racer/Ride/Class/Run 1/Run 2/Run 3/Run 4

D.Arceo/07 Subie WRX/Stock/59.527/1:00.750/1:05.784/59.153
E.Carrillo/02 Subie WRX/Stock/1:01.469/1:14.864/1:01.765/1:01.340
D.Cabuhat/03 Mitsu Lancer/Stock/1:07.179/1:06.299/1:09.509/1:05.919
J.Sevilla/04 Subie STI/Modified/56.630/DNF/56.217/57.402
R.Paulino/07 Nissan 350Z/Modified/58.900/58.328/57.830/56.654
A.Fejeran/03 Nissan 350Z/Modified/59.468/59.261/1:03.679/59.530
S.Wade/07 Subie STI/Prepared/57.797/57.539/1:07.983/58.039
J.Smith/03 Mitsu Galant/Prepared/2:01.572/1:07.618/1:08.026/1:07.593

Total Track length- 4,183 Feet
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