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Post  islander27 on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:37 pm

any recommendations? I'll be purchasing a set of full coilovers soon, still debating which one to get. Anyways, will be rolling my fenders as well, just waiting for a quote from Tommy hrmm. Any shops that are able to do a wheel alignment with a considerably lowered car? and no the tire wont be tuck, however, flush with the fenders.

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Wheel Alignment Empty Re: Wheel Alignment

Post  catgut on Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:08 pm

Once our all-makes aligner is calibrated I think it can go onto our rack. Only catch would be to remove your front bumper to allow enough clearance so as not to damage it (my suggestion).

I would recommend that you sort out your ride height before getting the wheel alignment. Jay's right, if you can corner weight your car (maybe borrow DRAG scales) as opposed to just for looks; your coil-overs can be put to effective use, at least for ride height. You'll just have to drive it and see what setting suit you/your driving style. What type/spring rates are you getting?

I know you have wider than factory wheels and tires so you need to discuss your driving goals/expectations with your alignment tech to get the best possible balance between tire wear, performance, turn-in, etc. My recommendation for your earlier model would be to get camber bolts along with your coil-over kit (assuming it has adjustable upper plates). This way you dial in your maximum camber using the bolts (change Included Angle) as opposed to maxing out the top plates (SAI) which can hurt your dynamic camber during turns, especially since you have a lower caster specification than my '08. I think you can also benefit from the "free caster mod" on your lower control arms to help with your overall alignment package....lucky you

1. Increase caster as much as you can with "free mod" and anti-lift kit if you can
2. Set ride height of coil-over set-up by corner weight to give yourself a baseline to work from or at least measure your ride height accurately for reference
3. Get your wheel alignment done and use camber bolts for negative camber; try to avoid top plates unless you have some other method not to change SAI
4. If your ride height is very low you really should consider a roll-center/bump-steer kit (depends on what class you'll be joining for autocross so you don't break rules)
5. Drive your beast to see how it behaves and adjust to suit your driving style/needs with proper inflation to avoid sidewall roll-over

I think one of your main concerns is getting your car to turn-in and to avoid understeering. There are settings that can help you rotate the car as well as practicing techniques that aid some oversteer as well. Let me know and once we get that aligner up and running (in about a week) I can have one of our techs do a starter alignment for you to get going and see what you like from there.

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